The City of Dardanelle provides each residence a garbage can. The garbage can remains the property of the city, and removal of the containers from the city shall constitute evidence of theft as defined by state law.

Garbage pickup service is provided once each week on the same day. The garbage receptacles are not to become a detriment to the general welfare and aesthetics of any given zoning district. Garbage receptacles are not to be permanently placed or kept in a front yard area. There are two pickup classifications, curbside and special circumstance. Those pickups designated as special circumstance shall only be granted after application by the customer and approval by the city refuse committee. All other pickups are curbside. All garbage containers are to be temporarily placed on the curbline of the street, in front of or beside each residential unit within the street right-of-way, a reasonable distance away from the curb or pavement on the day of pickup. Lids shall be kept on containers when placed outside for collection. The garbage contractor is not obligated to cleanup or otherwise maintain the area in which containers are located except for spillage from the containers caused by the contractor. The charge for the weekly pickup service will be included in the monthly water bill.

Trash Burning

It is unlawful to burn within the city limits without a burn permit obtained at City Hall.

Special Services

Once during March or April of each year, the City shall provide cleanup services for each residential customer. During this special cleanup, the City shall remove and dispose of discarded furniture, including beds, mattresses, overstuffed furniture, appliances, bicycles, sleds, swing sets, tools and other comparable items. These services shall be provided at no additional cost to the residential customer.