The Code Enforcement/Building Inspector’s office provides general building code information, requirements and policies established to procure a building and/or maintain a clean environment for the citizens of Dardanelle. The Building Official assures that all new and remodeled structures within the City conform to the Building Code to protect public safety and welfare. This division helps protect the property owner by reviewing the plans for all buildings or structures prior to the issuance of building permits. Commercial and residential fire inspections are also carried out through this office. Inspections of buildings are conducted during various stages of the construction process to assure that the approved plans are followed.  All city ordinances are also enforced through this office.

Code Enforcement/Building Officials

Scott Moore
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City Hall
P.O. Box 360
Dardanelle, AR 72834

Any person, firm, individual or corporation doing business within the city limits of the City of Dardanelle must first obtain from the City Clerk’s office a Business Permit.

A Building Permit gives you legal permission to start construction of a building project in accordance with approved drawings and specifications.  A Building Permit Application must be completed prior to any construction on any structure begins. Once the Building Permit Application is approved you will receive a permit that shall be posted on the job site and, visible from the street.

 A trade permit shall be obtained prior to work on single trades involving electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing systems. These permits can be obtained at City Hall.

Contractors Responsibilities: It shall be the duty of every contractor who shall make contracts for the installation or repairs of building, structure, electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing systems, for which a permit is required, to comply with state or local rules and regulations concerning licensing which the applicable governing authority may have adopted.

Notice: Permits will expire if the work has not commenced within 180 days from the date permits were issued, or if the work is suspended, abandoned, or a substantial amount of work is not performed for a period of 180 days. Under certain conditions the building official may grant an extension provided a written request is made prior to the expiration of the permit in question.

Re-inspection fees may be assessed when the permit card is not properly posted on job site when the approved plans are not readily available to the inspector, for failure to provide access on the date for which inspection is requested or for deviating from plans requiring the approval of the building official.

It is the responsibility of the owner/general contractor to request all inspections, re-inspections, post and maintain permit card, maintain trash containment, protection of the health and safety of the construction workers and job site at all times.

Certificate of Occupancy: No structure, addition, commercial, or residential shall be occupied by persons or property prior to issuance of Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) A violation shall constitute termination of all utilities and removal all contents of structure prior to inspection of Certificate of Occupancy.