Brearley Cemetery is owned and maintained by the City of Dardanelle.  It is on the National Register of Historical places.  The Cemetery is named after our founding Father, Joseph Brearley’s family.  Decoration is held annually on the second Sunday of May.


In order to maintain the cemetery and preserve the beauty of the landscape, the cemetery committee has found it expedient to amend the rules and regulations for the Brearley Cemetery.  These rules and regulations went into effect immediately upon the passage by the City Council on September 2, 2008.  These changes do not affect copings, ornaments or other items placed on the grave sites prior to the aforementioned date.


A. Flowers left on the ground should be picked up and removed 30 days after decoration.

B. Flowers in vases or plant stands are okay.

C. The committee has given the caretaker permission to remove any flowers left lying on the ground 30 days after decoration.


A. No copings are allowed.  Nothing will be allowed on the grave sites except flowers at decoration or following a funeral.

B. The grave spaces must be kept ready for mowing during the summer months; ornamental items necessitating moving for mowing will require that the individual certificate holder maintain the lot or grave. This item applies only to grave spaces grandfathered in prior to the passage of these rules and regulations by the city council on September 2, 2008.

C. Any additional items will also have to be approved.  For grave spaces purchased after September 2, 2008, special permission for the certificate holder to maintain the grave, must be approved by the City annually before the mowing season begins.  If at anytime the grave appears to be unkept, the City reserves the right to withdraw the approval and to clean the grave and have it maintained by the City.

D. Under no circumstances will anyone other than the City have permission to plant any shrubs, trees, bushes or grasses.  

E.  Benches, flag poles and any other structure other than a headstone or footstone or markers over cremains are not allowed.  Any additional items also have to be approved by the City.  

F.  The City reserves the right to remove any items, material or structures that, in its opinion, become unmanageable, deteriorated or unsightly; additionally, permission has been given to the caretaker to trim any bush, shrub or tree or cut down anything that will hinder his mowing.


A. Parking will only be permitted on the short streets that run north and south.  The north-south streets on the east and west ends and the entry streets are not to be used for parking.

B. No parking on the grass during mowing season.

C. Exception for parking will be made for funerals.


A. Trash barrels are for old flowers, paper and plastic material.

B. No rocks, wood, dirt, etc. will be allowed in the barrels.

C. Illegal dumping violators will be prosecuted.

D. Do not throw old flowers in the woods surrounding the cemetery, use the barrels provided by the city.
Unwanted dirt and rocks shall be dumped in the excess dirt area, located in the north central part of the cemetery.

E.  Unwanted dirt and rocks shall be dumped in the excess dirt area, located in the north central part of the cemetery.  


A. No bicycles, skateboards or pets are allowed.

B. Please do not let children climb or play on monuments.  The stones could fall, as some bases are old and weak.

C. People walking or jogging should please respect people grieving or visiting graves and avoid the area.


A. Outer burial containers are required.  “Outer burial container” shall refer to the rigid outer container used to surround a casket or a cremated remains container and shall include the products commonly known as vaults and grave liners.

B. Cremains must be placed in a permanent, sealed container made of metal, stone or fiberglass.  Household containers, plastic bags, cardboard or paper bags are not acceptable for the burial of human remains.

C. Up to four cremains may be interred in a regular burial plot either in addition to one full body burial or instead of one.  For the first interment, the plot must be purchased at the full body rate.

D. For all interred cremains, a minimum 12 inch by 12 inch flat stone marker must be placed directly above the interment site.  The marker must contain at a minimum the Name, Date of Birth and Date of Death of the deceased.  The markers must be level with the surface of the ground and at no time should any portion of the marker extend above ground level as to interfere with the maintenance of the grounds.


      A.  One columbarium niche will hold up to two cremains urns.

      B.  Only human remains will be permitted to be interned in the columbarium.

      C.  The City will have the name and dates of birth and death inscribed on the outer plate.  Any other

       inscription will be at the Certificate holder's expense.

      D.  Doors to the niche shall be opened and closed by a city official only.

      E.  Opening and sealing the niche door is $100.00 each time.


           The building or installation of a mausoleum could impede the view of surrounding graves and invade upon the neighboring graves.  To prevent impeding on other graves, the minimum space to build a mausoleum is prohibitive due to the limited space available in Brearley Cemetery, therefore, mausoleums are not permitted in Brearley Cemetery.  

9.  FEES: 

      A.  Single Full Body Grave                             $500.00 each

      B.  Cremains (Four Maximum per grave)     $500.00 for the first one and $200.00 for each                    additional 

      C.  Columbarium (Per Niche)                         $750.00 (will hold two urns)

      D.  Opening and Closing Niche                      $100.00 each time


A. Monument companies shall check with city officials before installing monuments.

B. Anyone opening grave spaces shall check with city officials before work begins.

C. Permanent care is included in the price of grave spaces or lots.



These Rules and Regulations are put forth to make everyone's visit to our cemetery a pleasant experience.  They are meant to let everyone know what is expected of them when they are using the cemetery.  If these few simple rules are followed, everyone will have a clean and well-maintained cemetery to always come to and not be distracted by the thoughtlessness of their neighbors.